Biodiversity Unit

Kutch is well known for its varied ecosystems that shelter a rich assortment of endangered flora and fauna.It is probably apt that a region of such beautiful crafts and proud people be awarded with such rich biodiversity.The farmers of Kutch have bred crops which are resilient to thedry weather and produce grains even when there was little rain.Traditionally the communities have sustainably utilised these rich biodiversity resources for their livelihood.

During the present era of Biodiversity loss due to anthropogenic reason, rather than human depending on Biodiversity, both human and Biodiversity have developed a symbiotic. Sahjeevan set up the BD unit in 2012 to address the challenges of conserving bio-diversityof Kachchh.

This unit has works by focussing on strengthening local Biodiversity Governance and capacity building of communities especially the women and youths and conducting.A major focus of the unit is to serve as a catalyst to support and strengthen conservation efforts both of government agencies and non-government institutions.

The Bio Diversity Act(2002) has given power to local communities for conservation and management of the local biodiversity resources. Sahjeevan has formed and registered 35 BMCs in the region with support from the Gujarat Biodiversity Board.After the formation of these BMCs, preparing their Biodiversity Registers and Conservation Action Plans, Sahjeevan has entered in CSR partnerships to createa fund to support the conservation activities of BMCs. The untied fund – Environment Action Plan Fund (EAPF) is initially being supported by Costal Gujarat Power Ltd.The unit also collaborates with Research institutions, educational institutions and the communities to collect information about local biodiversity.

The unit also works on participatory conservation of rare and endangered species. These efforts have been successful in conserving Mitha Guggul and securing of wildlife habitats and movement corridors. Sahjeevan is also actively working to educate the young generation and has developed educational modules for schools and supported BMCs in organizing nature camps.